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Désactivateur de Tag

desactivateur electronique de Tag XLD-EM-CX

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UGS : XLD-EM-CX Catégorie :


Desactivateur De Tag pour systeme antivol 

High electromagnetic efficiency 

Fast magnetic charge and erase 

Low cost of use 

Sound prompt for magnetic erase 

Technical Indicators: 

Working voltage: ~ 220V (± 10% ) 50Hz 

Magnetic erasing power: < 90W 

Magnetic charging power: < 70W 

Temperature of working environment: -10 centigrade_ 60centigrade 

Average fault free time: > 50000h 

Application height: < within 5cm of working face 

Operating frequency: 50Hz 

Exterior dimensions: 27cm× 32cm× 19cm 

Main-body color: Silver gray

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